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George Washington Cable
George Washington Cable
1844 New Orleans – 1925 – cable Linkscable Literatur
George Washington Cable American novelist, author of stories of the old Creole society of Louisiana, including Old Creole Days. A Story of Creole Life, 1879; The Grandissimes, 1880; Madame Delphine, 1881; Dr. Sevier, 1884; John March, Southerner, 1894; The Negro Question, 1890.
cable Old Creole Days
CableGeorge Washington Cable, 1844-1925
Texte online: CableThe Grandissimes: A Story of Creole LifeCableJohn March, SouthernerCableOld Creole Days
CableThe Heath Anthology of American Literature
CableEditor: James Robert Payne
CableLate Nineteenth Century
George Washington Cable
cable Autorenwegweiser
cable Anfang
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Cable   cableThe Grandissimes. A Story of Creole Life. Penguin, 1988. Taschenbuch, 344 S. Cable
Strange True Stories of Louisiana. Pelican, 1994. Taschenbuch, 368 S.cable
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